Rank Aldis. com is presented as a tribute to a company that no longer exists and has no connection with the Rank organisation

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This particular site is set up to complement Funky Parrot .Com, a site dedicated to kinetic disco lighting effects. The prime projector used in that era was the Rank Aldis Tutor 2. It is this particular model, to which this site pays most attention.

Aldis, more lately known as Rank-Aldis produced some exceptional quality projection equipment, moving over to badge engineered equipment from other manufacturers, until the sale of the brand name to deadly rival, Gnome Photographic Products of Llantrisant.

The Aldis Tutor was the mainstay of school’s lecture theatres, with a light but durable cast aluminium case it was well suited to multi-location use, the 1,000watt lamp guaranteeing a visible image of those rubber plantation filmstrips shown in classrooms without curtains.

The development of the Quartz Halogen lamp allowed the introduction of a completely new approach. The Tutor Quartz, which was marketed as the Tutor 2.

To the right is an early Mk1.

Hot on the heels came the Mk2. Improved by a more robust carrying handle and the introduction of an extra heat filter. A change of colour was featured in the more durable paint finish.

Cutting costs and complying with new safety regualtions, with very little cosmetic change, the Mk 3 arrived.

A condescension to the fact that there was a market in the display lighting field, the Tutor 2E.

                           End of the line, a prototype                                     of the last model, Gnome Aldis Tutor 2.